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Food Grade Carton Liners

Food Grade Carton Liners


Carton Liners protect the carton contents from dirt dust and moisture. All our carton liners are food grade.

Carton Liners do not need to be an exact fit for your carton. One carton liner can often be used in many different boxes. A square carton liner can of course be used in a rectangular box. The liner will conform to the size of the box you are using.

For Example, we use the CL-2 carton liner in our factory, it is suitable for almost all boxes, it is 610(W) x 360(D) and 900(L). With carton liners big is generally better. It is made from very light weight plastic so the extra material is not a problem.


CL-1 Liner 460(W) + 360(D) x 900(L) - 15microns HDPE   $95 / box of 500

CL-2 Liner 610(W) + 360(D) x 900(L) - 15micron HDPE   $105 / box of 500

CL-3 Liner 700(W) + 500(D) x 1160(L) - 15micron HDPE   $142 / box of 400

CL-4 BLUE Liner 580(W) + 420(D) x 1000(L) - 25micron HDPE   $115 / roll of 250

CL-5 BLUE Liner 760(W) + 430(D) x 700(L) - 15micron HDPE   $95 / roll of 500

If your are unsure what size you need please call or email us with your carton dimensions. We are very happy to send a sample box liner for you to try in your factory.

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