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Food Industry

Food Industry

Regardless of the customer, everything we make is made to food quality standards. We only use food grade plastics and every pigment and additive we use is certified FOOD GRADE. We can supply food grade certification to suit you quality needs. We supply printed and plain bags to some of the following market segments.

Printed Food Packaging – We supply a wide range of bags for wholesale and retail applications. Some of our customer’s applications include.

  • Seafood – fresh and frozen
  • Fruit pulp
  • Spices
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms.

Vegetable Processors – When a bag needs to hold 20kg of onions it needs to be tough – for this type of application only a bottom seal bag will do. To avoid potential harm to consumers, vegetable processors prefer not to use wire ties to close a bag. Our bags are particularly easy to close with a knot – this is because we use pure virgin materials. A bag that is difficult to knot is almost certainly made from recycled plastic.

For many types of vegetables air-holes need to be punched in the bag. For carrot bags the film needs to be tinted pink. Let us know your requirements, we can help you find solution. Printing your logo and contact details on a bag is a cost effective way of building brand awareness in kitchens all over Sydney.

 We have a large number of stock sizes that are all made to food standards and suitable for food packaging.