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Printing on Film

Printing on Film

We print using flexo-graphic printing. We can print up to six colours with shades of each colour. We can print on one or both sides of the film. Some of the points to note about printing are as follows.

  • We can help you finalise your artwork (designs) – no two situations are identical so call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Barcodes are no problem.
  • We print on rolls of film and then form them into bags. We do not print on individual bags.
  • We can print on any colour film but printing dark colours on light film works better than printing light colours on dark film.

For each colour and each side we need a printing plate. For example to print two colours on two sides we need 4 printing plates. With occasional use, printing plates last for more than 8 years.

All our plastic is recyclable we are happy to add the ‘Recycle 4’ triangular arrow motif to your design - even if your plates are already made.