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Plastpack has been a leading plastic bag supplier and manufacturer for years, and it was known previously as Churchill & Coombes. Our well-established company has a simple mission: to provide our clients with top-notch plastic bags that meet all their needs for durability, versatility, and environmental responsibility. We understand that plastic bags are a vital part of many businesses. They're used for packaging, carrying groceries, and various other purposes. That's why we're committed to offering a wide range of singlet bags – also known as carry bags – to suit your specific requirements.

Singlet Bags: A Versatile and Essential Packaging Solution

Please note we now stock Singlet Bags which comply with the new Plastic Bag Regulations for SA, NT, TAS & ACT

Singlet bags are used by supermarkets and many other retail outlets. They are strong and economical and many customers re-use them afterwards as bin liners.

The most common size used by the major supermarkets is the large bag (SGT-LRG).

Biodegradable bags are made using the EPI additive.

The prices on this page are un-printed. For printed bags please call for a quote for Printed Australian Made in house Singlet bags.

Size Microns Box Qty Price/ Box + GST
SGT-SML-BIO 160 x 125 x 400 9 5,000 $78.00
SGT-MED- BIO 240 x 120 x 480 12 3,000 $78.00
SGT-LRG-BIO 300 x 160 x 560 12 2,000 $78.00
SGT-LRG-HD 300 + 160 x 540 15 1,000 $54.00
SGT-LRG-XL 300 x 200 x 660 18 1,000 $64.00
SGT-JUMBO 400 x 200 x 700 20 1,000 $75.00
SGT-SML-SA 200 x 100 x 400 38 1,000 $57.00
SGT-MED-SA 240 x 120 x 500 38 1,000 $57.00
SGT-LRG-SA 300 x 160 x 540 38 500 $49.00


Sizes: From small bags perfect for takeaway containers to large bags ideal for bulk purchases, we have the size you need.

Materials: We provide singlet industrial bin bags in various materials, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for heavy-duty applications and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for lighter items.

Gauges (thicknesses): The thickness of the bag determines its strength. We offer a range of gauges to ensure your bags can handle the weight you require.

Colours: Choose from clear, white, or a variety of custom colours to match your brand or add a pop of colour to your packaging.

Beyond Singlet Bags: A Wide Range of Plastic Packaging Solutions

While singlet bags are a core offering, Plastpack provides a comprehensive selection of plastic packaging solutions to meet your diverse needs. We offer:

Press Seal Bags: Whether you need them for food packaging, organising small parts, or preserving documents, our press seal bags are designed to meet your needs with reliability and convenience.

Pallet Top Sheets: Whether you're shipping goods locally or internationally, our pallet top sheets help safeguard your valuable cargo against damage and ensure peace of mind.

Biodegradable and Compostable Bags: As a responsible company, we offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic bags.

Industrial Bags: Whether you need bags to package heavy-duty materials such as aggregates, chemicals, or construction materials, our industrial bags are up to the task. 

Why Choose Plastpack for Your Singlet Bag Needs?

There are many reasons why Plastpack is the ideal supplier for your singlet bags:

Unmatched Quality: We use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our singlet bags are strong, durable, and reliable.

Commitment to Sustainability: We understand the environmental concerns surrounding plastic bags. That's why we provide a range of eco-friendly options, such as biodegradable and compostable bags. We're also constantly exploring ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Exceptional Customer Service: We will ensure you get our finest service! We'll work with you to understand your needs and recommend the perfect singlet bags for your application.

Competitive Prices: We provide competitive prices on all our singlet bags, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Fast and Efficient Delivery: We have a large stock of singlet bags on hand, so we can deliver your order quickly and efficiently. 

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing: Our manufacturing facility in Lidcombe allows us to ensure the highest quality standards and efficient production processes. 

Contact us right now to discuss your needs and receive a free quote. We look forward to helping you find the perfect singlet bags or other plastic packaging solutions for your business.