Press Seal Bags (3)

Press Seal Bags - Premium


Press Seal Bags - Heavy Duty


Press Seal bags Write On 50 Microns


We have an extensive range of press seal bags in stock. These bags are also called snap-lock bags, resealable bags or clip lock bags.( Please note stock bags could come with either a Red, Blue or Clear strip at the top of the bag this is beyond our control Except for Custom Orders)

Normal Press Seal Bags are 50 microns thick.

Heavy Duty Press Seal are 75 microns thick.
Write on Press Seal are 50 microns thick

Please note that :

Size is specified as Opening x Depth (mm)
* Depth is measured from the seal

For non-standard sizes or printed press seal bags give us a call, we will be happy to help you define your requirements and quote on your bags. For any custom size press seal bag the minimum quantity is 10,000.

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