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Press Seal Plastic Bags

We have an extensive range of press seal plastic bags in stock. These bags are also called snap-lock bags, resealable bags or clip lock bags.( Please note stock bags could come with either a Red, Blue or Clear strip at the top of the bag this is beyond our control Except for Custom Orders)

Normal Press Seal Bags are 50 microns thick.

Heavy Duty Press Seal are 75 microns thick.
Write on Press Seal are 50 microns thick.

Please note that :

Size is specified as Opening x Depth (mm)
* Depth is measured from the seal

For non-standard sizes or printed press seal plastic bags give us a call, we will be happy to help you define your requirements and quote on your bags. For any custom size press seal bag the minimum quantity is 10,000.

Get Press Seal Plastic Bags From Plast Pack: Packaging Partner in Sydney

Plastpack, formerly known as Churchill & Coombes, is Sydney's leading supplier of premium press-seal plastic bags. We're more than just a manufacturer; we're a dedicated partner committed to providing your business with the perfect packaging solutions.

Speed and Efficiency: Your Priorities, Our Focus

In today's fast-paced business environment, we prioritise quick turnaround times. With a massive 50 tonnes of film stock readily available on-site, we minimise wait times and swiftly manufacture your press seal plastic bags without compromising quality. Our efficient processes and dedication to speedy service have solidified our position as a reliable partner for businesses across Sydney.

More Than Just a Supplier: A Trusted Partnership

Choosing Plastpack goes beyond acquiring a product; it's about gaining a trusted partner who understands your needs. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering expert advice and personalised solutions to ensure you receive the perfect press seal plastic bags for your business.

Press Seal Plastic Bags: Convenience and Protection at Your Fingertips

Press seal plastic bags, also known as self-seal, grip seal, or zip lock bags, offer a user-friendly and versatile packaging solution for various applications. These bags feature a unique closure mechanism that allows for easy opening and resealing, eliminating the need for additional fasteners.

Diverse Uses Press Seal Plastic Bags

Press seal plastic bags excel in their adaptability. Here are just a few examples of their extensive uses:

Food Packaging: Ideal for storing dry goods like nuts, snacks, coffee beans, or even fresh produce, press seal bags protect contents from moisture, air, and contamination while maintaining freshness.

Non-Food Applications: These bags are used in various non-food settings. They are perfect for storing hardware, small parts, electronics, or even clothing, keeping items organised and protected.

Retail Packaging: Press seal bags offer a convenient and tamper-evident packaging solution for various retail products, enhancing product presentation and security.

Advantages of Using Press Seal Plastic Bags

Press seal plastic bags have earned their popularity due to several key benefits they offer Effortless Convenience: The user-friendly press-to-seal closure eliminates the need for additional fasteners, making opening and resealing a breeze. This ensures product freshness and enhances the consumer experience.

Enhanced Protection: The airtight seal creates a barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminants, safeguarding the contents from spoilage and maintaining product quality.

Unmatched Versatility: Available in a vast array of sizes, thicknesses, and materials, press seal bags cater to diverse packaging requirements across various industries.

Cost-Effective Packaging: Press seal bags provide a more economical solution without compromising functionality compared to other resealable options like zippers or clips.

Branding and Marketing Opportunities: Many press seal bags can be customised with printing, allowing you to showcase your brand logo, product information, or marketing messages directly on the packaging.

So, whether you're a small boutique seeking stylish packaging or a large retail chain requiring heavy-duty solutions, Plastpack is here to cater to your every need. Contact us today and let us be your one-stop shop for high-quality, reliable press seal plastic bags in NSW.