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Printed Bags

Printed Bags, A great way to get your name out there.  Your logo can be printed on a number of different types of bags, from Die Cut Handle, Courier Bags, Nurseries, Pet Food and Singlet style

Add a bottom gusset to give your bags more capacity and a flat bottom.

Add a patch to re-enforce the handle for heavy items.

Pricing for Various Stock Size Film Printed Carry Bags

DVD Printed Carry Bag Pricing                  250 wide x 300 mm High

Car Tidy Printed Bag s Pricing                    240 wide x 300 mm High

Trade Show Printed Carry Bag Pricing   300 wide x 400 mm High

 Small Retail Printed Carry Bag Pricing  350 wide x 460 mm High

Retail Printed Carry Bag Pricing                 400 wide x 510 mm High

Extra Large Printed Carry Pricing               450 w x 500 h + 50/100mm Gusset