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Drum Liners and Wheelie Rubbish Bin Liners

Drum Liners and Wheelie Rubbish Bin Liners


We stock 4 different standard drum liners in 50, 75, 100 and 150 micron thicknesses. The 50 micron bag is appropriate for light duty where the bag is acting solely as a liner. The 100 micron bag is suited for applications such as in industrial dust extractors where the bag may have to be tear and puncture resistant. 

Unless otherwise stated all drum liners are CLEAR

All 240 litre drum liners are 1.0m wide and 1.5 meters long - microns/um

If you have a special size bag that you need give us a call and we'll help you find a bag that suits your requirements.

Item Description/Size/Box Qty Cost/Box + GST
B76100-75 760 x 1000 - 150 BS (75/Box) $135.00
B86130-75 860 x 1300 - 150 BS (100/Box) $245.00
B100150-50 240 Ltr Clear Bin 1000 x 1500 - 50 LDPE (100) $125.00
B100150-75 240 Ltr Clear Bin 1000 x 1500 - 75 LDPE (100) $175.00
B100150-100 240 Ltr Clear Bin 1000 x 1500 - 100 LDPE (100) $220.00
B100150-150 240Ltr Clear Bin 1000 x 1500 - 150 LDPE (100) $325.00
FB-LOUNGE - 1000 wide + 800deep x 2000mm L - 75 Mircons (Qty 25) $215.00
WB240 240 LTR Black Garbage 1150x1450 - 20 HDPE (200) $78.00
WB240-CLR 240 LTR Clear Garbage 1150x1450 - 30 LDPE (100) $110.00
GB-3M 3M Waste/Dust bin Liner 1880+1480 x 3000 - 22 HDPE(15) $197.00

um = micron = 0.001mm 

** Above Pricing is Excluding GST

Sydney's Leading Supplier of Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Bags - Plastpack (formerly known as Churchill & Coombes)

Drum liners and rubbish bin liners may seem like simple day-to-day items, but their applications are far-reaching and paramount in various industries. These durable and adjustable wheelie bin liners have become a fundamental waste management tool, ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency in our day-to-day functions. From hospitals to restaurants, manufacturing plants to households, drum liners and bin liners play a vital role in sustaining sanitation norms while reducing the risk of contamination.

Are you looking for these heavy-duty bin bags in Sydney for your business or personal use? Look no further than the Plastpack (formerly known as Churchill & Coombes) near you.  Being one of the premier plastic bag manufacturers, we are able to bring a plethora of choices when it comes to buying high-quality drum liner bags, bin liners, plastic bags for food packaging, industrial plastic bags and more.

Why Buy Our Commercial Products?

Whether you have a small bin or a large drum, we have the ideal liner size. Not only do our liners prevent leaks, but they also assist in controlling odours. 

  • Drum liners and rubbish bin liners at Plastpack (formerly known as Churchill & Coombes) are manufactured to resist heavy loads and prevent leaks, guaranteeing your waste is adequately contained. They are made from long-lasting materials such as high-density polyethene (HDPE) or low-density polyethene (LDPE), providing resilience and flexibility.
  • These products help keep a clean environment by controlling odours, spills, and the spread of germs or contaminants. Their tear-resistant properties allow them to effectively handle sharp or heavy objects without ripping them open.
  • These plastic drum bags make disposing of food waste swift and easy while keeping unpleasant smells at bay. Using these liner solutions, you can keep your staff in a clean workspace while adhering to health regulations. Besides, these thick plastic bags provide excellent puncture resistance and ensure that hazardous materials are safely contained during transport or disposal.
  • No more worrying about leaky garbage bags ruining your floors! With these reliable options in Sydney stores, you can easily keep your home neat and tidy. Get your hands on top-notch drum and bin liners right here in Sydney! 
  • Call our team, and we will guide you to the best options for your needs. Don't let leaky garbage bags stress you out any longer. With our plastic bags for food packaging, custom plastic bags, industrial plastic bags etc, you can be assured that these products will not let you down.

With our speedy delivery service, you'll never have to wait long for these durable and reliable bags. Browse our website for more categories in plastic bags like printed bags, press seal bags, carton liners, courier bags and many more.  And if you find our products faulty, our friendly returns policy ensures a hassle-free experience. Read more about our policy here!

Visit our store in Sydney or call us; our friendly team will gladly assist you. 

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